Welltower: Selda's Run

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Book cover for Selda's Run

This story takes place twenty-one years after the death of Kaehl in Welltower: Final Run.

In Lester's own words, this book "focuses on families and the forces arrayed against them."[1]

Chapterized Summary

Chapter Name Summary
1 Home Selda spars with a hard light projection created by Rick. She tells Keirie, Mellet, and Bis to stop watching the display globe because of the promos. Selda secretly asks Rick if she could become crippled again. He responds "no." Fvlet begins the return trip home; meanwhile, false security guards try to gain entry into the home. Fvlet's car is crashed in an assassination attempt. The false security guards try and fail to blow open the door, fleeing when real guards attacked them.
2 Portain Portain gives an evil monologue to Chell. In a meeting with a bunch of leaders of other nations he shows off light technology by destroying Fvlet's aircar. Chell complains that the attack was too brazen and too open. Meanwhile, Aer fails to make a manikin because his assistant keeps moving. He discusses with his son the manikin, Serrin, and their prison. They discuss how Serrin has been doing a terrible job making globes. They begin plotting how to get out of prison by leveraging the danger of poorly produced light globes.
3 Jolley Mister Jolley is addicted to healing globes. He requests more but the doctor refuses to give him any because he is overusing them and they are hurting him. He begs but still gets none.
4 Evaluation Selda visits Fvlet. Bulton is there. He explains to Selda that they had been expecting something to happen to him and that they are going to put a lot of effort into investigating the car crash. They discuss the crash. Selda tells him about the green flashes. Bulton's investigative team come. A sergeant reports that someone was shooting at the car. Meanwhile Aer tries to convince Longiver to let him leave prison sometimes. Longiver gives him permission but only if two armed guards follow him and he wears a security bracelet.
5 Healing Factor Selda sits with Fvlet thinking about how she might have healing powers. She improves the healing globe using her own energy, then improves and kills a plant using the same energy. She goes for a jog, sits in the sun, then tries to heal Fvlet by touching him. There is an explosion.
6 Hospital Again Aer, Doctor Jak, Bulton, and Doctor Herstand discuss how there was an explosion,Fvlet was suddenly healed, and Selda was knocked unconscious. They puzzle over the destroyed healing globe. They conclude that it was a poorly-made globe that was charged too much and shattered, but Aer takes the pieces to investigate them more closely.
7 Chell Chell and Portain converse about Selda's injury and Fvlet's recovery. They talk about how to get rid of Aer and about how the other nations didn't believe Portain's faked assassination of Fvlet. They decide to do something involving a dig.
8 Uilla Uilla asks Mister Jolley to make a secret tunnel for Portain. She offers healing globes as a bribe for him. After some hesitation he agrees to do the job.
9 Plans Mister Jolley speaks with Turnor about the tunnels for Uilla. They talk about how Fvlet was attacked and then healed by Selda's globe explosion. Jolley orders Turnor to get started on the tunnels. Jolley will go aboveground.
10 Hospital Visit Aer meets with Mister Jolley. Jolley asks for black market healing globes. They go see Selda, Bulton, and Fvlet in Selda's hospital room. Selda healed more quickly than expected and wants as much sunlight as possible. A drone surprise-attacks everyone, but Selda displays extraordinary powers, catching and redirecting the attacks. She destroys the drone then heals everyone around her. Chell and Portain are shocked that their drone attack failed like that. Portain wants to figure out how Selda did that, then eliminate her.
11 Underground Turnor and Jolley discuss the creation of Serrin's secret underground passage. They're building the tunnel very quickly. They got workers (Badgers) from Welltower and Alizon but not Serrin. They are burning out globes in order to build more quickly. Later Jolley speaks with Aer about how he got healed by Selda.
12 Home Away Fvlet brings Selda to their home, then begins an emergency evacuation from it. Selda is very weak and tired. The family leaves. Crissel is left in the house. During the flight Fvlet explains to Selda the importance of the situation. She can't remember what she did during the attack. Two days later she wakes up in Bethi's ancestral home. She discusses the attack with her family. She still can't remember it. Fvlet mentions his work on the Personalized Transport System and similar. They discuss how Aer has been marketing illegally to the Outside. Fvlet thinks he was attacked because he's interfering with profits for Serrin and Aer.
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