Welltower: Kaehl’s Journey

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An illustrated compilation of the first three books in the series, including Welltower: First Run, Welltower: Second Run, and Welltower: Final Run. With illustrations, maps and charts by the author.

6×9 inches, 682 pages, softcover or for Kindle. Purchase through Amazon


Fifteen-year-old Kaehl lives in the massive, decaying sanctuary city called Welltower. His father is abusive, his mother weak and his sister terribly fragile. There are gangs in the halls. He has been cut off from his friends and fears for his life. He is starving. He is afraid. He wants out. But he cannot let go.

Fighting poverty, ignorance, and the power-hungry elite, Kaehl travels the heights and depths of this battleground city to save his family from the corrosive evil of the looking-glass world called Welltower.