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This is a meta-page. It has a list of things that need to be done before the wiki can be considered complete.

To Do

  • Add images to as many pages as possible.
  • Fix mail server.
  • Finish adding book 4. (Warsage)
  • Get short urls working


 CREATE TABLE /*_*/bot_passwords (
   -- User ID obtained from CentralIdLookup.
   bp_user int NOT NULL,
   -- Application identifier
   bp_app_id varbinary(32) NOT NULL,
   -- Password hashes, like user.user_password
   bp_password tinyblob NOT NULL,
   -- Like user.user_token
   bp_token binary(32) NOT NULL default ,
   -- JSON blob for MWRestrictions
   bp_restrictions blob NOT NULL,
   -- Grants allowed to the account when authenticated with this bot-password
   bp_grants blob NOT NULL,
   PRIMARY KEY ( bp_user, bp_app_id )
 ) /*$wgDBTableOptions*/;