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Kaehl's mother is an industrious housewife living in the Welltower.

When she was young she lived at home and remained continuously inside an apartment, just as Kaehl is.[1] Kalt claims that she spent time in a pack. Eventually she met Father and took a job in a factory, where she worked until she was 14. In that year she became pregnant with Kaehl and could no longer produce as effectively, so she was fired. Her pregnancy was difficult. She survived it and gave birth to Kaehl at the age of 14.

After she married Father and had children she became a housewife. She supplemented Father's income by making and selling cloth dolls.

After Kaehl fled the house she went in search of Kaehl. She and Father disappeared one day and didn't return, leaving Selda alone in the apartment.

She can read and write and taught the skill to Kaehl.

She is a loving mother who does her best to keep her family alive, healthy, and together. She helps take care of Selda and tries to keep Father from becoming too violent.

It is assumed that she died shortly after Kaehl fled the family home. Kaehl and Selda repeatedly search for her but never find her, nor learn how she died.

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