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You are facing an awesome and very serious opportunity... The people you are going to serve are wonderful and gifted. They love, they think, they laugh, they fight, they forgive. They are just like us. No one knows that better than you. Think how many youth down there are just like you, intelligent, courageous, seeking the light but living in darkness, blinded because they don't know where to look. Like those before you, you have an opportunity to influence them for good. You will have challenges but you will not be alone. --Longiver[1]

Alizon puts more than a little effort into helping the people of Welltower to learn the truth and escape that place. Longiver is one of the leaders of this effort. They send missionaries into Welltower disguised as leaders, citizens, and doctors. These people take severe risks upon themselves when they enter Welltower; the leaders and populace of Welltower hunt them down, torture them, and kill them. Many such missionaries have been killed in the past.

Alizon refuses to support Welltower with pure handouts. Instead, they try to educate and improve the pit so that it can be independent.

Known missionaries include Doctor Herstand, the juggler, Kaehl, Selda, and the boy who speaks to Kaehl in the farm and is tortured. Kimm may also count as a missionary; she was killed in her efforts.

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