Healing Globes

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Healing globes (also called Hospital Globes) are a type of Light Globe that can heal numerous illnesses and injuries. They bathe the target in a blend of healing light energy which heal the body.


Light globes are extraordinary healing tools, but they have weaknesses.

  • They are expensive to make and recharge and require a very specific blend of light.
  • They can't heal all sicknesses, nor do they heal instantaneously. For example, the Black Spit can only be cured if it isn't too advanced. This is how Kaehl died. Also, severe injuries might kill before the healing globe can stabilize.
  • They are addictive in a way that looks similar to narcotics. Mister Jolley gets a severe addiction to light globes and spends his fortune and life trying to get more.
  • Prolonged use causes damage to the cells. Healing globes are intended for short-term healing, not for prolonged use. This is generally fine because they can cure most things quickly; but when an addiction develops, users do whatever they can to keep using them long-term.