Grandfather and Grandmother Three

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Grandfather and Grandmother Three are the patriarch and matriarch of a huge family living in Alizon. They are the great great great grandparents of their family, which includes Bethi and Shere. His true name is Greatwood (also called Great or Wood). Hers is Silfa.

They are very old and have chosen to permit their bodies to die naturally, even though Alizon technology could keep them alive even longer.

Silfa can see the Energy Aura of people.

Both of them died together peacefully in their sleep during the second telling of the story of the Mother Tree.

Their Story

Grandfather and Grandmother habitually tell a story to their family every year. It is summarized here. Its meaning is up to the interpretation of the listeners.

Mother Tree lived in the land for many years nourishing the animals around it. It grew flowers and seeds and Mother Wind helped to spread them; all the elements helped them to grow, and the land was happy. Outsiders were jealous and began to intrude, snaking parasites into the trees, which began to die. The trees, under the direction of Mother Tree, became defensive and stopped sharing as much with the intruders.

Origin of Names

Lester gives the meaning of their names.[1]

"Silfa" is a combination of "Silver" and Fox." It sounds like "Silvan." It represents age, wisdom, connection to nature, and the sound of the wind in the leaves.

"Greatwood" shows his age and greatness, as well as his connection to nature.

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